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$ 85.00


This toy was designed for those who may need just a little more pleasure. The tip and shaft provide a very gentle entry until about half way down where it flares fast reaching the bottom. Don’t let the girth scare you as the design allows for the sides to give a little allowing more control. The brave could add a smaller dildo or even a vibe for that intense feeling.

Sizes: Medium, Large

Medium is 9.5 inches in length. Circumference 2 inches from the tip is 7.25 inches with a 9 inch maximum near the bottom.Insertable length is 8.5 inches.

Large is 13 inch in length. Circumference 2 inches from the tip is 8.5 inches with a 12.75 inch maximum near the bottom. Insertable length is 11.5 inches.

Colour: Please note as colours are hand mixed they may differ from those shown.

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