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Why choose silicone?

Silicone is non pourus which means bacteria has no place to hide.

Our silicone is non toxic and FDA approved for contact with skin.

Silicone is easy to color and has many different firmness levels.

Very easy to clean and sanitize.

Silicone is in our opinion the best material for dildos.

Any other rubber or vinyl dildo is more than likely toxic to some degree and has an odour. Some even melt when placed together. If the package says for novelty use only, its meant to be for that purpose only like a bookend or statue for your table.

Are your toys identical to your pictures?

No, because every toy is made by hand to order, there will be slight differences in colour. After the life of our mold for a toy a new one will be made and may be slightly different. The colour of each toy may not be exactly the same due to batch size but we will try our best to give you closest match to your preferred choices.

How to care for your toy: Cleaning and Lubes

Our toys can be cleaned using soap and water, boiling or even the top rack of the dishwasher if you have the sanitize function without using the dishwasher detergent.

We recommend using only water based lubrication with silicone toys. Our favourite lube is J-Lube, a small container will make gallons of the stuff and we may carry it in our product line. Water based lube is the most common so experiment with different ones. Although some people say you can use a silicone based lube, we don’t recommend it as we have not tested them with our toys.

Handmade moulds

All of our moulds are made and refined by hand in our shop. We have only one two piece old which also was our first but due to the expensive machining required to produce we decided to make them ourselves. Because each mould is hand made and is one piece there may be very slight indents or other very small imperfections in the poured toy. This in no way affects the use or the integrity of the toy. Be sure to wash your toy after and before every use with a microbial soap.


Currently we have twelve colours available to choose from and we are able to combine any two colours together. Combining more than 2 becomes a bit tricky and time consuming so a extra charge of $15 dollars will apply. The dildo Sol on our site has very unique colouring but we still have not perfected that process, therefore only solid or combined colours are available. As we continue to experiment with colours we will add them to the site.


We would be more than happy to discuss selling our products to stores world wide. You can send us an e mail through our contact page.


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